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data glove final project

This is the data glove for my final project. The glove has a flex sensor to process pitch and a pressure sensor to process reverb. Additionally there is a push-button switch for turning the audio on and off. The glove is programmed in Arduino through the microcontroller. The serial data is sent into Processing to process incoming sounds from a website.


data glove progress

This arduino circuit has an audio speaker, motor sensor, and touch sensor. Currently battery operated instead of USB since I intend for this circuit to be mobile. Building on this for an eventual glove that will give data to the motor. The motor will turn a magnet that will face different places within a circular magnetic field to create movement of the object. The glove will also give data to the audio speaker to abstract the music. Currently the speaker plays “Swan Lake” and the object will be floating in water.

data glove arduino max/msp/jitter prototype

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my idea for a physical computing project is to work with a data glove interfacing arduino with max/msp/jitter for audio and video processing. in my music composition for telematic and local ensembles i work with a gestural language that indicates parameters for improvisation with composed material. i have experimented previous with computer vision in max/msp/jitter for gesture recognition. a physical approach in the field is to work with a data glove so i would like to explore this in the course.